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Family Crabbing Weekend
The Basin, Pittwater, NSW

Our annual pilgrimage to The Basin, Pittwater proved yet again, a great weekend.

Armed with fresh bait, several crab traps and a load of enthusiasm, our club members and friends headed off to The Basin. Most arrived on the Friday, while others had commitments that did not afford such a luxury.  Base camp was set up and the remaining campers arrived fairly early the next day.  Transport was gleaned from the Palm Beach ferry, owners boats and a free shuttle service provided by members.

Once underway, members quickly formed partnerships which included family members, clubbies and guests. Pittwater offered little protection from the harsh sun; yachties, ferries and powerboats watched on in amusement while we performed our secret art of Blue Swimmer crab catching.  Mother nature played her part in bouncing several of our crab nets along the bottom, one or two wandered as far as Careel Bay. There was also some attrition from an occasional kamikaze yachtie who accidentally ran over our rigs, rendering them to the bottom of Pittwater.

Mixed in to our regular net checking for crabs, was much splashing about in the cool and crystal clear waters of the Basin. 

As the sun started to set, the children showered and prepared for some outdoor bowls and murder in the dark, while our club members sat in the cool of a large tarp, supplied by ’Mossy’ and shared tales of their exciting day, and days gone by.  Some cool amber drinks embellished the conversations and slowly knocked even the hardiest mariner off their perch.  There was a "My Kitchen Rules" steaming of the crab, performed by Wayne followed by adults and children alike, gorging themselves into the fleshy claws and meat of our catch.

The following day a flotilla of boats was seen leaving The Basin well fed and relaxed with minds buzzing around great tales of adventure from the weekend away at the Basin.


For a quality copy of any of the above photos, club members should contact the Club Secretary, Paul Fullagar.

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